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Mountain huts are both: destination of mountain walkings and starting point for alpine routes. If you want to stay overnight, we urgently recommend to make a reservation, because in the main season the locations are fast booked up.
Turtmannhütte, 2'519 m
Phone +41 27 932.14.55
by car via Turtmann to Oberems till the end of the Turtmanntal
time way up about 2 hrs
Schönbielhütte, 2'694 m
Phone +41 27 967.13.54
from Zermatt time way up about 4 hrs
constant view of the Matterhorn
Täschhütte, 2'701 m.
Phone +41 27 967.39.13
from Täsch by car to Ottavan,
time way up about 1,5 hrs
wonderful flora (Edelweiss)
Weissmieshütte, 2'726 m
Phone +41 27 957.25.54
(starting point to via ferrata "Jägihorn")
by the cablecar Saas-Grund to Kreuzboden,
from there time way up 1 hour to the hut
or from Saas-Grund directly on a long way up to the hut
time about 4 hrs.

Although we recommend mountains which aren't too difficult to climb, you should have sufficient experience for these aventures in any case. If you have any doubt we'll gladly give you addresses of experienced mountain guides.
Weissmies,  4'023 m
1. by car via Visp to Saas-Almagell (52 km / 1,5 hrs)
    from Almagell
on foot about 2 1/2 hrs to Almagellerhütte (2'894 m)
    from there way up to the Weissmies peak in about 4 hrs
2. by car via Visp to Saas-Grund (48 km / 1 hour 20 min.)

    from Saas Grund by cable car to Hohsaas (3'200 m),
    from there way up to the Weissmies peak in about 4 hrs
Allalin,  4'027 m
by car via Visp to Saas-Fee (50 km / 1,5 hrs)
from Saas Fee by cable car to Mittelallalin (3'454 m),
from there way up to the Allalin peak in about 3 hrs
Bishorn,  4'153 m
by car via Val d'Anniviers to Zinal (33 km / 45 min),
on foot in about 4 hrs to the Tracuithütte (3'260 m),
from there way up to the Bishorn peak in about 2 1/2 hrs
Breithorn,  4'164 m
by car via Visp to Täsch / Mattertal (55 km / 1,5 hrs)
by train to Zermatt
from Zermatt by cable car to the Klein Matterhorn (3'818 m),
from there way up the Breithorn peak in about 2 1/2 hrs
Alphubel,  4'206 m
by car via Visp to Täsch / Mattertall (55 km / 1,5 hrs),
then 8 km on a narrow winding road to Täschalp/Ottavan (2'214 m),
on foot in about 1 1/2 hr to the Täschhütte (2'701 m),
from there way up to the Alphubel peak in about 4 hrs

Fixed-rope climbing
Via Ferrata is the name commonly used to describe the high level footpaths found in the Alps that use fixed ropes for protection and steel ladders to surmount difficult sections (another name is Klettersteig).
 Tour  next village
 difficulty   duration
 Aletsch  Blatten   K 3        quite difficult
  3.5 hrs 
 Baltschieder  Ausserberg   K 3 - 4   difficult   8.0 hrs
 Daubenhorn    Leukerbad   K 5 - 6   extremely difficult
  8.0 hrs
 Belvedère  Nax   K 3 - 4   difficult   2.0 hrs
 Jegihorn  Saas Grund       K 4        difficult   6.0 hrs
 Evolène  Evolène 
         way out
  K 3 - 4   difficult
  K 5        very difficult
  2.5 hrs

Outdoor rock climbing
 name  distance  Route
 Gemmi    15 km
 Leukerbad, Gemmibahn, Jägerboden
 from beginner to advanced
 Bramois    28 km
 Sion, → Val d'Hérence, Bramois
 all difficulties
 Saas Fee    50 km
 Visp → Saastal, Saas Grund, Saas Fee
 from beginner to advanced
Indoor rock climbing
 name  village  distance  Route
 Sportfit  Salgesch
    8 km
 Susten, Salgesch
 Sportzentrum  Grächen
   41 km
 Visp, Mattertal, Grächen
 Feriencenter  Fiesch
   45 km
 Visp, Naters, Fiesch